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Reclaiming Joy Counseling and Consulting, LLC

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Currently primarily providing online services for clients who reside in South Carolina and Florida. Limited in-person appointments available at this time for clients who reside in Columbia, SC.

Meet Shannon
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Meet Shannon

Licensed Psychotherapist/ Licensed Clinical Social Worker

From a young age, I knew I wanted to help others. After exploring various careers, I finally found my calling when I became a Licensed Clinician, and I haven’t looked back since. I provide a comprehensive set of services to help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your personal life challenges. I work with clients closely in order to achieve measurable results that allow them to push forward with a new, positive mindset.

As a relationship-focused therapist, my goal is to help you cultivate a life worth celebrating by uncovering your true potential. I strive to be completely focused and intentional with every individual and couple I work with. I strive for the highest quality in my approach to help my clients go from merely surviving and move toward thriving. The result is a life filled with joy! My mission is to help adults and couples be happier, healthier, and connect with their authentic self, and their loved ones. My focus isn’t just on changing a person’s behavior, but instead on promoting strong and significant relationships between partners, and even among professionals.

My practice is intently focused on helping people discover more joy and meaning in their lives.

My specialty is Couples Therapy (seriously dating, engaged, and married), I am trained in various couples therapy models. Also, I specialize in grief therapy.

Please browse my services and get in touch if you’re interested in working with me.

Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

It can help with


Improve relationships with family and friends.


Help you cope with various types of grief.

Past Trauma

Help you cope with past trauma and stressful life experiences.

Identify Triggers

Help you identify triggers that may create or worsen symptoms. 

Life Goals

Define and reach your life goals. 


Overcome fears and insecurities.


"Shannon provides a mellow tone. She is very easy to talk to." 

— Anonymous



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We need Joy as we need air, 

We need Love as we need water.

We need each other as we need the earth we share.

-Maya Angelou

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